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going to the spa with Roxy

going to the spa with Roxy

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The #1 way to a girls heart is telling her she’s pretty.

nonsense, the #1 way to a girls heart is ice cream!

thank you casynuf for letting me borrow her oc <3









gimme some oc’s for an update

do it do it do it
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GREAT! Now that I have your attention, I have something to say!


Okay okay, but that isn’t all I wanted to say…
As I have mentioned before on my blog, I will be following a new course in 2 months for bachelor Animation.
Now the thing is… I am in between jobs, which sucks because it’s holiday NOW and I kind of need to save up money for books and other equipment that is required for my schooling.
I didn’t expect I had to leave my job till AFTER the summer but it is how it is, ANYWAY this is where I need your help!


YUP! I remind you all that I do commissions!

[click me] Commissions and prices are here [click me]

So yeah! if I get these things going I can safe up for school and other expenses like… living (seriously guys, being a sentient being is EXPENSIVE)
I would list the books and stuff I need to get an idea for the costs, but I haven’t received the list yet so I don’t know… which is scary because that also means I don’t know how much I need to safe up.
BUT If I can rake together the money I would otherwise be earning at my old job I should be fine!

(also, if there are particular things you want like; comics, refs, other creatures then ponies then don’t be shy to pm me)

and hey, hey, hey… less responsibilities like a minimum wage job means… MORE TIME FOR RUBY!
which brings me to my next point…


I have a patreon!
Patreon is a website that allows you a “subscription” to me.
You can decide yourself how much you want to pledge and certain amounts will give you special bonuses!
besides that there will be exlusive material on the page that patrons only can access!

This also includes a micro comic series which mostly revolves me and ruby as we play a sitcom relationship!

Since the patron group is still small I am yet trying to figure out how to do everything, there will be weekly updates at the least and the very first 5 will be featured in a promo picture!

Besides cool bonuses for yourself you are also together improving the quality of the blog as more monthly donations means more time I have for it, but go check out the milestones for yourself!

If anyone has ideas for more milestones or bonuses I am always interested! just shoot me a pm and we will see what we can do.
and any of my patrons is also welcome to suggest content you’d like to see on the page itself! don’t be shy since I don’t bite unless you want me too!

[click me] LOOK MY PATREON [click me]

So yeah guys, I’d love your help with this, I want to press that I am only doing this because I actually do need money, but I want to repay you back for your kindness as much as I can! and if you are just like me and short on money! no problem, I totally understand, but it would be super awesome if you could reblog this and spread the word!

Thank you guys! ya’ll like socks right?